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All artwork must be accompanied with either a hardcopy reference or PDF file. Please indicate size, scale, quantity, and due date.
This is to ensure correct and accurate production of electronic files.
Artwork received without followup information will be deleted after 1 month without notice.
If production resumes after this period, we will require artwork to be resent.


At William Huff, we work on a Macintosh operating system. Our acceptable file formats are Adobe CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator and
InDesign) or Macromedia Freehand MX. We regret that we cannot accept Coreldraw, QuarkXpress or other vector program files. These
files must be converted to Illustrator or eps formats. We also cannot use documents such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel.
These, as well as website graphics are typically low-resolution images designed for monitor display purposes only
and are not sufficient for most enlargements.


When printing flat colors please provide pantone numbers for all colors used in order to ensure accurate color matching. Do not use
RGB colors for output purposes, convert all RGB to CMYK. If color matching to a printed sample is required, we must receive sample
before the proofing process can begin. When being printed CMYK, please note that prints may not match pantone numbers exactly.


The most reliable method for output is to convert all fonts to paths / outlines when text editing is not required. If it is necessary to
send fonts, the entire font suitcase (screen font and printer font) must accompany your file.
NOTE: linked eps files sometimes contain live fonts. Ensure these fonts are either included or converted to paths / outlines.


Please be sure to supply all linked files for your artwork.



All artwork must be in vector format (i.e. original line art created in Illustrator or Freehand). Artwork cannot contain any gradients or
blends. Type must be converted to paths / outlines. Strokes on objects should be eliminated and replaced with filled objects. Type must
be no smaller than 1/2” in height. Stroke widths must be no smaller than 1/8” in width.


A resolution of 100 dpi is required (85 dpi minimum) at 100% of finished size to achieve acceptable results. Resolution can be decreased for applications where there is a large viewing distance (i.e. billboards require a resolution of only 25dpi at 100%). Images should be saved in CMYK format. NOTE: Pantone colors are converted to process colors by the printer and may not match exactly to swatch).


Solid color artwork is preferably created in Illustrator or Freehand. Vinyl specifictions apply. All other files must have a resolution of
75 dpi (50 dpi minimum) at 100% of final size for all transit applications. Billboards require a resolution of 25 dpi at 100%. All other
applications which have small viewing distance require a resolution of 100 dpi at 100%.


To transfer files using ftp, you will require ftp uploading software. (e.g. Fetch www.fetchsoftworks.com).
host ftp.williamhuff.com | username artwork | password huff
If you are unable to access the ftp site, you may also upload files to our iDisk through your browser at
http://public.me.com/williamhuff Enter the password huff_upload to grant access. You may then click the icon to upload/download your files.
Please confirm your file placement with an email to the art department (production@williamhuff.com) and cc the salesperson. If the artwork is placed on your ftp site, please notify the art department by email when it is ready to be downloaded and indicate the name of the file.
The William Huff ftp site and iDisk are intended for privileged users only.

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